Cluster analysis of characteristics of persons who died by suicide in the Montreal Metro transit: Analysis of variations over time


Cécile Bardon, Louis-Philippe Côté, Brian Mishara.


Background: Suicides occur in metro systems worldwide and patterns vary in different urban transit networks. Aims: This study presents an in-depth analysis of 117 suicides in the Montreal Metro from 2000 to 2008 based on data obtained from coroners' investigations. Method: Cluster analyses were performed to identify characteristics of groups of people who kill themselves in the Montreal Metro. We also compared changes in characteristics with data from 1986 to 1995. Results: We identified five clusters of suicidal persons that describe patterns of characteristics of individuals who died by suicide in the metro that may be useful for prevention. Comparisons of suicides during 2000–2008 with data from a previous study of coroners' investigations of Montreal Metro suicides during 1986–1995 indicate changes in age, isolation, types of problems, and geographic patterns. Conclusion: Characteristics of metro suicides may be specific to localities and can change over time. Their understanding may facilitate the development of prevention strategies tailored to these different profiles. MONTRÉAL QUÉBEC CANADA SUICIDE-COMPLÉTÉ MÉTRO FACTEUR-RISQUE FACTEUR-SOCIODÉMOGRAPHIQUE

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