When darkness comes: Workplace bullying and suicidal ideation


Angelo Soares.


In several countries, the number of suicides and attempted suicides in the workplace has been increasing dramatically. Several letters left for family members or for union representatives mention "bullying", "work overload", "lack of group cohesion" and "management through fear" among other organisation reasons. Work can constitute one of the reasons for suicide, and may in fact be one of its main catalysts. Research on suicide and work is still incipient and most research attempts to identify professions where there is a higher prevalence of suicide without analysing the causes that may be at the core of the prevalence. Our research indicates that work organisation may have a preponderant and significant role in suicidal ideation. Our objective will be to analyse two professional groups (professionals in the health sector and engineers) and the possible relationships between suicidal ideation, hopelessness and workplace bullying. QUÉBEC CANADA GENRE HOMME FEMME IDÉATION MILIEU-TRAVAIL TRAVAIL BULLYING DÉSESPOIR RELATION-INTERPERSONNELLE

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