Helplines and crisis intervention services: Challenges for the future


Brian Mishara, M Daigle.


textbfDiversity In Activities To Attain A Common Goal/ Origins of Suicide Prevention Organizations/ Do Telephone Helplines and Crisis Intervention Services Prevent Suicide?/ Outcome Studies of the Effectiveness of Telephone Helplines/ Changes in Suicide Rates in Target Populations/ Satisfaction With Services/ Follow-up, Repeated Use of Services, and Referral/ Studies of the Proces of Intervention/ Technical Aspects/ Clinical Aspects/ Outcome as Related to Process/ textbfChallenges for the Future/ Why Do We Do It If We Cannot Prove It Works?/Changing Demographics and Changing Practices/ Changing Technologies and Their Implication for Telephone Help/ Challenging the Separation of Mental Health and Crisis Intervention Services/ Specific versus General Approaches to Providing Help/ INTERVENTION-CRISE PRÉVENTION EFFICACITÉ RELANCE LIGNE-TÉLÉPHONIQUE CENTRE-PRÉVENTION-SUICIDE

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