Conversations on national suicide prevention strategies

Description du projet

This project proposes an in-depth North-South discussion on issues related to national suicide prevention strategies. National suicide prevention strategies and public policies are recommended by WHO and implemented by numerous States worldwide. However, their effectiveness in preventing suicidal behaviours – and the effectiveness of each individual component – has not be empirically demonstrated.  In this context, a discussion involving partner organisations from various cultures and using a variety of approaches to suicide prevention appears necessary. The goal is, first and foremost, to establish a solid foundation for identifying international research questions that are crucial to developing worldwide collaborations in suicide prevention. In turn, these collaborations will support recognition of CRISE as the WHO Collaborating Centre on suicide prevention for North America.

This project will lead to the production and dissemination of a one-hour webinar /documentary, as well as a written synthesis of findings. These tools will contribute to the discussion on the role of national strategies in the various contexts and in regards of the different needs of Northern and Southern countries. The webinar will be made using video footage of interviews with key stakeholders from Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, New Zealand, Bhutan and Québec. The summary and consensus document will be translated in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The video and document will be publicly available on the CRISE website and disseminated through various networks (education, research, public health, political and community organisations) at the end of 2020 and during the winter of 2021.


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  • Axis 2 – Interventions to prevent suicide and alleviate its consequences