Documentation Centre

The CRISE Documentation Centre contributes to the development of research and facilitates access to information on suicide and euthanasia.

An important collection

The collection of over 36,000 documents includes articles in scientific journals, books, conference proceedings, statistical reports, dissertations, audio-visual material and unpublished documents, including descriptions of prevention programs. This vast and varied collection is evidence of CRISE’s multidisciplinary nature. The Documentation Centre has the largest collection of French-language documents on suicide and euthanasia in the world and has a major collection of English material. Each month, about one hundred fifty new documents are added to the Centre’s collection.

The collection includes :

  • more than 29,600 scientific articles;
  • more than 700 reports, unpublished documents and conferences;
  • more than 4,400 books and chapters;
  • more than 305 dissertations and theses;
  • more than 30 audiovisual supported documents;
  • more than 120 descriptions of prevention programmes;
  • and regular collections of fifteen periodicals.

Services of the Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre assists CRISE members and their partners with their information and documentation needs. The Documentation Centre is accessible to all people who are interested in suicide and euthanasia. The services offered include :

  • Consultation of documents;
  • Search in specialized databases;
  • Bibliographies on specific themes;
  • Information and statistics;
  • Information kits of selected texts on special topics;
  • A monthly bulletin of new additions.

* Some services are reserved exclusively for CRISE members. Fees may also be required for some services.

Essential information before communicating with the Documentation Centre

  • The Documentation Centre is not an intervention centre. Please refer to the “Need help?” section of this website.
  • The Documentation Centre is not part of the University du Québec à Montréal’s library system.
  • You may consult the database here.
  • A photocopier is available on site.
  • The Documentation Centre does not lend documents. Documents are for consultation only.
  • Photocopies of documents are provided for research or personal use only, in accordance with copyright laws.
  • CRISE is not responsible for the use of any documents or the information in those documents.
  • The Documentation Centre will reply to requests as soon as possible, but up to ten to fifteen working days may sometimes be required.
  • Visits to the Center are by appointment only.

To contact the Documentation Centre 
Phone: 514 987-3000, # 1685 
Email :