Quebec proposition of Medical Aid in Dying: A palliative care perspective


Mélanie Vachon.


The government of Quebec (Canada) is poised to adopt a proposition to legalize euthanasia in the form of "Medical Aid in Dying," which presents a new option for end-of-life care. This proposition arouses concerns among palliative care providers. The aim of this article is to provide a palliative care perspective on Quebec's proposition to legalize euthanasia. Based on the epistemological and methodological framework of critical theory, the following three questions are raised: First, in Quebec's current state of the law, is it possible to relieve the suffering of end-of-life patients? Second, can the Quebec proposition to legalize euthanasia in specific circumstances be harmful? Third, is the Quebec proposition on euthanasia compatible with palliative care and social values? In conclusion, recommendations and alternatives to the current Quebec proposition are suggested. QUÉBEC CANADA EUTHANASIE SUICIDE-ASSISTÉ FIN-DE-VIE LÉGALISATION JURIDIQUE FIN-DE-VIE SOIN-PALLIATIF ARGUMENT RECOMMANDATION

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