Wassim Bouachir

Photo Wassim Bouachir PhD membre chercheur CRISE
Professor in Computer Sciences

Wassim Bouachir has been a professor of Computer Science at Université TÉLUQ since 2016. He has a PhD from École Polytechnique de Montréal (2015) and a master’s from Université de Moncton (2010), both with a specialization in computer vision. Following his doctoral studies, he did a postdoc at ÉTS. His research is focused on providing machines with smart features that allow them to interpret and “understand” what they observe. Dr. Bouachir has an expertise in digital vision and machine learning, with several possible applications including security, assistance in medical decision-making and environmental sciences. His recent work in artificial intelligence has led to solutions to practical problems in various fields including:

1. Security: monitoring individuals, detecting suicidal behaviour through video surveillance
2. Assistance in medical decision-making: detection of respiratory distress, diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease
3. Forestry and environmental sciences: use of drones in forestry operations, monitoring Canadian forests for analysis of the effects of climate change