Crisis support among suicidal students following a loss event


Michel Tousignant, D Hanigan.


Compared social support following a loss in 2 groups of 24 suicidal and 24 nonsuicidal college students. The selection criterion for all respondents was the experience of the break-up of a love relationship or the loss of an important friend during the previous 12 mo. The Ss were interviewed with semistructured questions covering the extent of their core network, the number of conflicts, and the interactions with the network following the loss. The suicidal group named fewer important persons in the kinship network and had more conflicts with this network than did the nonsuicidal group. The suicidal group was less ready to inform the network about the loss event than was the nonsuicidal group, but the number of persons with whom the event was discussed was similar in both groups. Both groups were generally satisfied with the support received. SOUTIEN-SOCIAL IDÉATION RELATION-INTERPERSONNELLE ADULTE PERTE RELATION-AMOUREUSE ÉTUDIANT-COLLÉGIAL JEUNE-ADULTE

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