Predicting suicidal ideations in sexually abused female adolescents: A 12-month prospective study


M E Brabant, M Hebert, François Chagnon.


This study investigates the contribution of post-traumatic stress symptoms to the prediction of suicidality among female adolescent survivors of sexual abuse. A one-year prospective study of 52 female survivors aged 12 to 18 years was conducted. A negative binomial regression analysis revealed that depressive symptoms as well as post-traumatic stress symptoms associated with the sexual trauma were significant predictors of suicidal ideations a year later. Post-traumatic stress symptoms remained a significant predictor of suicidal ideations even when controlling for depressive symptomatology and the presence of a past suicide attempt, thus emphasizing the relevance of post-traumatic stress symptoms in regard to suicidality in sexually abused youths. Results are discussed within the context of therapeutic modalities for survivors of a sexual trauma. FEMME ADOLESCENT IDÉATION TENTATIVE ABUS-SEXUEL DÉPRESSION TROUBLE-STRESS-POST-TRAUMATIQUE

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