Reducing the Impact of Railway Fatalities on Crew Members


Cécile Bardon, Brian Mishara.


The present study is part of a larger research programme that aims at understanding the incidence and impact of railway fatalities in Canada as well as identifying preventive strategies to reduce their number and impact. Today we present the results of a qualitative analysis of 40 retrospective interviews with conductors and engineers and an extensive literature review. We present a model of the impact of railway fatalities and of actions to prevent negative consequences and reduce the potential for a negative impact after the event. It is essential to evaluate prevention programmes in order to establish best practices and to suggest improvements to national and international guidelines for the industry. CANADA SUICIDE-COMPLÉTÉ TRAIN PRÉVALENCE ACCIDENT ÉTUDE-RÉTROSPECTIVE MILIEU-TRAVAIL STRESS TROUBLE-STRESS-POST-TRAUMATIQUE INTERVENTION

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