Research Project: Evaluation of the telephone interventions at Suicide Action Montreal


Brian Mishara.


The goal of this project is to analyse the telephone interventions of volunteers at Suicide Action Montreal. This is a preliminary investigation which, if successful, may lead to more in depth or specialized studies of the suicide prevention activities offered by SAM. This type of investigation has never before been conducted in such a systematic manner, although several previous attempts have been made to evaluate the overall effectiveness of suicide prevention activities. This project consists of two parts: 1) a description of the nature of the telephone interventions given by SAM volunteers, and 2) a study of the relative effectiveness of the different intervention strategies used in relation to various variables concerning the intervention. The first goal is important in that it would be useful to verify if what SAM volunteers actually do over the telephone corresponds with what they are taught to do in the training sessions. The second objective could help identify which different intervention strategies seem to be most effective with which types of callers and under which circumstances. INTERVENTION-CRISE ÉVALUATION CENTRE-PRÉVENTION-SUICIDE SUICIDE-ACTION-MONTRÉAL AIDANT BÉNÉVOLE

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