Current psychiatric morbidity, aggression/impulsivity, and personality dimensions in child and adolescent suicide: A case-control study


J Renaud, M T Berlim, A McGirr, Michel Tousignant, G Turecki.


textbfOBJECTIVE: The present study was designed to evaluate psychiatric risk factors for child and adolescent suicide, and to determine the association between impulsive-aggressive and other personality traits, and suicide completion in this population. textbfMETHOD: Psychiatric diagnoses, impulsive-aggressive and other personality traits were assessed in 55 child and adolescent suicide victims and 55 community controls using semi-structured proxy-based interviews and questionnaires. textbfRESULTS: The most significant psychiatric risk factors associated with child and adolescent suicide were depressive disorders (OR=48.414, 95% CI 6.247-375.185), substance/alcohol abuse disorder (OR=5.365, 95% CI 1.434-20.076), and disruptive disorders (OR=13.643, 95% CI 2.292-23.16). Additionally, suicide victims showed higher scores on lifetime aggression/impulsivity, and harm avoidance. However, after logistic regression, the only independent significant predictors of suicide in this age group were the presence of depressive disorders (Adjusted OR (AOR)=39.652, 95% CI 4.501-349.345), substance/alcohol abuse disorders (AOR=7.325, 95% CI 1.127-47.62), and disruptive disorders (AOR=6.464, 95% CI 1.422-29.38). textbfLIMITATIONS: Relatively small sample size, and cross-sectional design. textbfCONCLUSIONS: Our findings confirm the existence of a particular clinical profile of children and adolescents at high risk for suicide. Additionally, our results reinforce the need for improved understanding of the interrelationships between stressors, depression, substance/alcohol abuse disorders, disruptive disorders and personality traits/dimensions in youth suicidal behavior. QUÉBEC CANADA GENRE HOMME FEMME ENFANT ADOLESCENT SUICIDE-COMPLÉTÉ AUTOPSIE-PSYCHOLOGIQUE ÉTUDE-COMPARATIVE GROUPE-CONTRÔLE COMORBIDITÉ SANTÉ-MENTALE AGRESSIVITÉ IMPULSIVITÉ DÉPRESSION ABUS-SUBSTANCE ALCOOL DROGUE COMPORTEMENT-ANTISOCIAL POTENTIEL-SUICIDAIRE MOYEN ANXIÉTÉ COTE-Y

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