Nonfatal suicidal behaviors of Chinese rural‐to‐urban migrant workers: Attitude toward suicide matters


Bao-Liang Zhong, Sandra Sau Man Chan, Tie-Bang Liu, Helen Fung-Kum Chiu.


textbfObjective To examine the attitude toward suicide (ATS) and its influence on nonfatal suicidal behaviors of Chinese rural‐to‐urban migrant workers (MWs). textbfMethod Altogether, 3031 MWs completed the positive ATS Scale and structured questions regarding lifetime suicide ideation, plan, and attempt. Mental health help‐seeking behaviors of MWs were also investigated. textbfResults Overall, MWs held a more negative ATS than the Chinese general population. The lifetime prevalence of suicide ideation, plan, and attempt was 5.5%, 1.3%, and 1.1%, respectively. After controlling for lifetime depressive disorders and other covariates, a negative ATS was still significantly associated with lower risk of lifetime suicide ideation (OR = 0.32), plan (OR = 0.22), and attempt (OR = 0.26). MWs with a negative ATS were more likely to talk to others and seek help by online/telephone consultation for their mental health and suicidal problems (p textless .05). A more positive ATS was significantly associated with male gender, low education level, ethnic minority of Miao, low monthly income, and originating from western China. textbfConclusions The majority of MWs hold a negative ATS, which significantly contributes to their relatively low risk of nonfatal suicidal behaviors. The more help‐seeking from others and online/telephone consultation in MWs with a negative ATS may lower their risk of nonfatal suicidal behaviors. CHINE ASIE IDÉATION INTENTION TENTATIVE MILIEU-URBAIN MILIEU-RURAL ATTITUDE RECHERCHE-AIDE

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