Psychiatric hospitalization after emergency treatment for deliberate self-harm is associated with repeated deliberate self-harm


Atshushi Ichimura, Koji Kato, Takayuki Taira, Hiroyuki Otsuka, Tomoko Seki, Yoshihide Nakagawa, Sadaki Inokuchi.


textbfObjectives: To evaluate whether treatment at a psychiatric hospital reduces the risk of repeating parasuicide. textbfMethods: Participants comprised 4,483 parasuicide patients admitted to an emergency department between July 2003 and March 2012. We analyzed the effectiveness of psychiatric hospitalization in preventing repeated parasuicide. We adjusted for background factors using multivariate logistic regression. textbfResults: Effects of psychiatric hospitalization upon the likelihood of repeated parasuicide within one year varied by age (especially those aged textless35 years), indicating that hospitalization was a significant risk factor. textbfConclusion: We must be mindful of the risk of repeated parasuicide following discharge in young patients and to provide them with ongoing outpatient care and multimodal support. JAPON ASIE TENTATIVE PATIENT-PSYCHIATRIQUE HOSPITALISATION RÉCIDIVE

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