Development of the AAS statement on "Suicide" and "Physician aid in dying"


M P Battin.


In August 2017, the American Association of Suicidology board passed a statement titled "Suicide" is not the same as "Physician aid in dying," which was developed partly in response to the fact that aid in dying is now legal in a number of jurisdictions. In Phase 1, eight members of the AAS who had indicated interest in this issue were asked to independently draft such a statement; the convener consolidated these drafts and comments into an initial statement. In Phase 2, five additional experts who might be expected to object were asked for their independent input; the convener consolidated these with the previous draft. No one objected to the statement altogether; extensive copyediting and rewording suggestions focused primarily on issues of overlap between "suicide" and "physician aid in dying." The resulting document represents an effort to try to accommodate the basic concerns of all participants. The document does not speak for or against legalization of this practice, but it may have bearing on whether suicide prevention professionals have an obligation to try to prevent such deaths and whether they may serve as consultants for psychological or psychiatric evaluations as sometimes required under US state law. ÉTATS-UNIS AMERICAN-ASSOCIATION-OF-SUICIDOLOGY ARGUMENT JURIDIQUE CONCEPT-EUTHANASIE CONCEPT-SUICIDE FIN-DE-VIE

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