Are eating disorders and related symptoms risk factors for suicidal thoughts and behaviors? A meta-analysis


A R Smith, E A Velkoff, J D Ribeiro, J Franklin.


This meta-analysis addressed whether eating disorders (EDs) are risk factors (i.e., longitudinal predictors) for suicidal thoughts and behaviors. We identified 2,611 longitudinal studies published through August 1, 2017. Inclusion required studies include at least one longitudinal analysis predicting suicide ideation, attempt, or death using an ED diagnosis and/or symptom. Fourteen studies (42 prediction cases) met criteria. Results indicated that clinically diagnosed EDs and disordered eating symptoms were significant but weak predictors of suicide attempts but not death. Effects remained weak when moderators were considered. By reviewing the methodological limitations of previous research, these results highlight avenues for future research. IDÉATION TENTATIVE TROUBLE-ALIMENTAIRE SUICIDE-COMPLÉTÉ MÉTA-ANALYSE COMORBIDITÉ DÉPRESSION GÉNÉTIQUE

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