Honor related suicide in the United States: A study of National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) data


Karl Roberts, Matt Miller, Deborah Azrael.


textbfObjective: Personal Honor is associated with culturally defined honor-norms, its loss may predicate suicide. This exploratory study aimed to identify honor-related suicides within a public health dataset and to compare them to other suicides. textbfMethods: Honor-related suicides (n=163) were identified from case narratives within the National Violent Death Reporting System dataset. The distribution of factors associated with honor-related suicide were compared with all other suicides (n=54333). textbfResults: Honor-related suicides were more likely associated with, leaving a suicide note; discussing suicidal intent; criminal-legal, job and relationship problems; and suffering depression whilst being less likely to seek help for distress. They were not associated with gender or suicide method. textbfConclusion: Honor suicides were identified and appear to be most associated with public challenges to personal reputation. Implications for suicide prevention are discussed. ÉTATS-UNIS SUICIDE-COMPLÉTÉ NOTE DÉTRESSE-PSYCHOLOGIQUE ÉVÉNEMENT-VIE FACTEUR-PRÉCIPITANT SÉPARATION-AMOUREUSE TROUBLE-FINANCIER

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