Suicidal behavior and non-suicidal self-injury in emergency departments underestimated by administrative claims data


Barbara Stanley, Glenn W Currier, Megan Chesin, Sadia Chaudhury, Shari Jager-Hyman, Hanga Gafalvy, Gregory K Brown.


textbfBackground: External causes of injury codes (E-codes) are used in administrative and claims databases for billing and often employed to estimate the number of self-injury visits to emergency departments (EDs). Aims: This study assessed the accuracy of E-codes using standardized, independently administered research assessments at the time of ED visits. textbfMethod: We recruited 254 patients at three psychiatric emergency departments in the United States between 2007 and 2011, who completed research assessments after presenting for suicide-related concerns and were classified as suicide attempters (50.4%

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