Suicide ideation and acceptability toward online help-seeking


Chelsey R Wilks, Trevor N Coyle, Maya Krek, Anita Lungu, Kohjiro Andriani.


Suicidal individuals are unlikely to engage in face-to-face treatment. The Internet is emerging as an innovative approach for intervention delivery, particularly for those unable or unwilling to attend traditional treatment. Participants (N = 459) were recruited to fill out online questionnaires on suicide ideation and help-seeking modality preference. The majority of participants endorsed preferring face-to-face help over web-based help. Results from multinominal logistic regression indicated that suicide ideation was significantly related to preferring online methods versus face-to-face methods. This study highlights that the Internet can provide a novel platform to treat individuals at risk of suicide. ÉTATS-UNIS ADULTE IDÉATION RECHERCHE-AIDE INTERNET ACCEPTABILITÉ COUNSELING

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