Willingness of mentally ill individuals to sign up for a novel proposal to prevent firearm suicide


Fredrick E Vars, Cheryl B McCullumsmith, Richard C Shelton, Karen L Cropsey.


The study goal was to determine whether a significant number of high suicide risk individuals would confidentially put their own names onto a list to prevent future gun purchases. An anonymous written survey was administered in an inpatient psychiatric unit and two outpatient psychiatric clinics at an academic medical center. Two hundred forty individuals were approached to fill out the survey, of whom 200 (83.3%) did so. Forty-six percent of participants stated that they would put their own name onto the list. This novel suicide prevention proposal, a Do-Not-Sell List, would appeal to many people at high risk for suicide. ÉTATS-UNIS ARME-FEU CONTRÔLE-ARME PRÉVENTION

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