Testing an integrative model of affect regulation and avoidance in non-suicidal self-injury and disordered eating


N L Anderson, K E Smith, T B Mason, J H Crowther.


This research tested a model that integrates risk factors among non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and eating disorder (ED) behaviors with the aim of elucidating possible shared and unique mechanisms underlying both behaviors. Emotional distress, limited access to emotion regulation (ER) strategies, experiential avoidance, and NSSI/ED frequency were examined in a sample of 230 female undergraduates. Structural equation modeling indicated that limited access to ER strategies and avoidance mediated relationship between emotional distress and avoidance, which in turn was associated with NSSI and ED behaviors. Results suggest NSSI and ED behaviors may serve similar emotion regulation functions, and specifically highlight the role of experiential avoidance in these behaviors. FEMME NON-SUICIDAIRE AUTO-MUTILATION COMPORTEMENT-AUTODESTRUCTEUR TROUBLE-ALIMENTAIRE ÉMOTION DÉTRESSE ÉVITEMENT

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