Treatment narratives of suicidal Latina teens


C Hausmann-Stabile, L Gulbas, L H Zayas.


In this article, we examine the treatment narratives of Latina adolescent suicide attempters to understand their experiences undergoing care. For this study, we conducted content and thematic analysis of 68 interviews with Latina adolescent suicide attempters. Most teens who described positive experiences undergoing treatment (n = 39, 44.1%) did so when discussing outpatient mental health services (n = 30, 72.9%). Latinas felt that the providers who fostered their autonomy and connectedness helped them become active agents in their recovery. Clinicians serving suicidal Latinas must allow them to exercise agency while feeling emotionally connected to providers. To help Latinas manage their suicidality, treatments need to address the teens' developmental needs. ÉTAT-CIVIL FEMME ADOLESCENT TENTATIVE LATINO-AMÉRICAIN ÉTUDE-QUALITATIVE TRAITEMENT THÉRAPIE QUALITÉ-SOIN

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