Use of the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) to classify suicidal behaviors


A Interian, M Chesin, A Kline, R Miller, L St Hill, M Latorre, A Shcherbakov, A King, B Stanley.


Efforts to better understand and prevent suicide have increasingly pointed to the prospective assessment of suicidal behaviors in clinical trials. These assessments are aided by instruments such as the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS), which have sought to improve the conceptual uniformity and ease by which suicidal behaviors are classified. At the same time, assessment and classification of suicidal behaviors has been a longtime challenge in the field. To aid users of the C-SSRS, this article illustrates the use of the C-SSRS in instances where classification complexities arise. Illustrations are presented based on cases encountered during a clinical trial for a suicide prevention intervention. Key decision points are summarized and classification issues that warrant consideration for future refinement of such decisions are discussed. INTENTION TENTATIVE DÉPISTAGE POTENTIEL-SUICIDAIRE COMPORTEMENT-SUICIDAIRE INSTRUMENT: COLUMBIA-SUICIDE-SEVERITY-SCALE

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