Biopsychosocial causes of suicide and suicide prevention outcome studies in juvenile detention facilities: A review


K Joshi, S B Billick.


To identify various biopsychosocial risk factors associated with suicidality in juvenile detention facilities and the effectiveness of suicide prevention protocols currently in use. Medical literature searches were conducted using databases like Pub Med, Ovid, and Google Scholar to identify studies conducted in and outside of United States. The prevalence of suicide among youth imprisoned at detention facilities has risen. Psychiatric disorders are common among such population, making them vulnerable to suicidal tendencies. Suicide risk screening within first 24 h of admission to the detention facility has shown to lower the risk of suicide. Identification of high risk individuals and their further psychiatric assessment is advocated. Much of work with regards to screening tools and instruments is underway and further study is required to get a better understanding. ÉTATS-UNIS ADOLESCENT DÉTENU CENTRE-JEUNESSE DÉLINQUANCE-JUVÉNILE REVUE-LITTÉRATURE FACTEUR-RISQUE

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