National Suicide Prevention Strategies: New Video Presenting Diversified Experiences

Wednesday 16 June 2021

In order to learn from the various ways in which national suicide prevention strategies have been developed,
exploratory interviews with seven key experts from six very different countries were conducted: Bhutan, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, and Québec (Canada). These interviews are summarized in the video “Conversations on National Suicide Prevention Strategies”.

The countries’ experiences are rich and diversified. Experiences vary greatly between political, social and economical contexts, with further variations in perceptions of suicide and suicide prevention and in available resources. The participating countries fall into one of four main stages of mobilizing, developing, implementing and sustaining national strategies:

Supplementary Document

A supplementary document containing additional material to the video was produced and is available online. This document presents the various national strategies discussed in the video and delves into some of the perspectives offered by the interviewed experts, including on facilitating factors and obstacles to national suicide prevention strategies. This document is also available in French.

About the Research Project

The research project titled “Conversation sur les stratégies nationales de prévention du suicide” was directed by Cécile Bardon, PhD, in 2020-2021. Its aim was to hold a North-South conversation on issues related to national suicide prevention strategies with experts from different cultures and approaches. The overarching ambition is that this conversation allows for the identification of crucial global research questions and the development of international collaborations.