Carl-Maria Mörch

PhD & PsyD in community psychology

Carl-Maria Mörch is a clinical psychologist by training (MPsy EPP, Université Catholique de Paris), and currently a PhD candidate at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) under Professor Brian Mishara. He is interested in the use of big data and artificial intelligence in suicide prevention. He is leading a project on suicide content on the Darknet, in collaboration with L.-P. Côté. He co-created the SMS automated contact project for prevention and to provide information on health services for pregnant women, in collaboration with Professor Saïas. He is generally interested in ethical and scientific issues related to information and communications technologies. He is a member of CRISE, co-chair of the Early Career Group of the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP), treasurer of the Agence des Nouvelles Interventions Sociales et de Santé (ANISS), an organization on new social and health interventions, and a student member of UQAM’s ComSanté laboratory.

Topics of interest

Subject 1 : Suicide
Subject 2 : Internet
Subject 3 : Prévention
Subject 4 : Dépistage

Contact information

Phone : (514) 987-3000, poste 0879